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Watch: White Lady Calls Black Woman The N-Word And Then Goes To The Cops Begging For Help



A video appeared on Twitter this week that showed a white woman racially attacking a black woman in South Holland, Illinois.

Jen Okosi, the victim of the video, claimed that she had a previous confrontation with the woman where she was called the N-word.

The racist woman then drove to the police station in an attempt to turn Okosi in.

“You wanna tell South Holland you callin’ me a n***er?” Okosi says as the woman exits her vehicle in front of the police station. “There’s the idiot who thought it was okay to call me a n***er.”

“I’m sorry!” the woman says, turning around. “I’m sorry for everything — I’m sorry for the looting, I’m sorry for everything! What do you want from me?”

“Why would you call me a n***ger?” Okosi asks.

“You passed me!” the white woman screams. “Because I’m so fed up with all this sh*t.”

She then enters the police station and approaches the front desk. “Please, I can’t take this anymore,” she says to the officer behind the glass. “I witnessed the lootings — I can’t take anymore, I’m trying to move out.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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