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Watch: George Santos No-Holds-Barred Interview Quickly Turns Into The Takedown Of The Year



George Santos
George Santos during a recent interview with Ziwe Fumudoh. (Screenshot)

Comedian Ziwe Fumudoh just laid bare all of George Santos’ shameless shenanigans in a no-holds-barred interview. The political spectacle unfolded earlier this month when Ziwe invited the disgraced former GOP congressman to participate in a “pay-per-view” interview. Santos agreed with a nonchalant “Let’s do it,” setting the stage for what would become the roast of the year.

The whole thing premiered for free on YouTube, and it was loaded with moments that made us cringe and chuckle. Santos, caught on camera commenting on Ziwe’s looks and dropping hints about DOJ secrets while getting primped, didn’t stand a chance.

Ziwe, the comedian who recently bid adieu to her Showtime gig, spun the interview as a clash between a “jokester” (that’s her) and a “national joke” (that’s Santos). Oh, and let’s not forget, he wanted to get paid for the interview—three times, no less. There’s even a Birkin bag full of money in the background, just for kicks.

The interview kicks off with Santos grinning, but that grin takes a nosedive as Ziwe unloads on his legacy of deceiving the American people. She throws a curveball by asking if he’d hit up Sean Spicer for tips on a potential Dancing With the Stars gig. His response? “I don’t want to be Sean Spicer, let’s just call it that.”

Ziwe doesn’t hold back, calling Santos out for comparing himself to Rosa Parks and quizzing him on Civil Rights leaders. She even dares him to spit some Nicki Minaj lyrics and scream “Yas queen!” Talk about getting called out!

Santos spills the tea on some colleagues, labeling Kevin McCarthy and Lindsey Graham as “frauds.” But when it comes to Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, he clams up. Ziwe, with her sharp humor, points out how Santos seems to know everyone’s business, making it all the more entertaining.

And then there’s the bizarre baby saga. Santos claimed he could “probably make a Black baby” because he’s “biracial.” Ziwe wasn’t buying it, though. She repeatedly calls him out on his wild exaggerations, from Holocaust survivor grandparents to a mother supposedly perishing in the 9/11 attacks.

In a rare moment of self-awareness, Santos suggests he should stop being invited to gigs. But, of course, he can’t resist, claiming people want the content. Ziwe isn’t buying that either.

The interview wraps up with Santos stumbling over the word “empathy,” admitting he doesn’t get it. After this epic takedown, Santos might want to rethink any future invites. Ziwe just set the bar so high that other late-night hosts might as well pack it in!