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Video: SUV Driver Flying Donald Trump Flag Intentionally Plows Into Protesters



A video has been shared online showing the moment a Trump supporter driving an SUV banner intentionally struck two demonstrators during a California protest of police brutality.

The driver of Jeep that had an American flag and Trump “Keep America Great” drove toward two women Saturday afternoon during a protest in Visalia, stopped briefly and then sped up, striking them violently.

The vehicle plows into one woman, who was knocked onto the hood of the vehicle, and strikes a second woman standing a few feet away.

The second protester, Karina Ramirez, told the TV station she suffered leg bruises, and the first woman also reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Demonstrators had been chanting “f*ck Donald Trump” as the Jeep approached.

California State University, Fresno, said the driver and another man in the Jeep may be enrolled students, but did not confirm their names and said the dean of students was investigating.

The student newspaper at the University of California, Irvine, reported that a woman riding in the back seat of the Jeep was third-year student Jyntrae McPherson.

The two men were identified as Jacob Robles and Dylan Mota by the Twitter user who published the video.


Visalia police said it’s investigating the incident.