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Video Emerges Of Tucker Carlson Warning About Conspiracy Theories



Tucker Carlson conspiracy

A video has resurfaced online showing right-wing host Tucker Carlson warning about the dangers of conspiracy theories – as he continues to use his platform on Fox News to push a false narrative about the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

“In a democracy, it is vital that people have, that citizens have, a common frame of reference for reality,” Carlson said in a clip from a speech in 2006.

“There has to be a place where all citizens can go, and look at facts about what happened yesterday, and say, you know what, I agree that that’s probably roughly what happened,” he added.

The footage, posted on Twitter this week, comes as Carlson faces fierce bipartisan backlash for misrepresenting the January 6 Capitol insurrection to his viewers.

Watch the clip below.


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