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Victim Of Sex Abuse Cries At Church After Pastor Is Applauded For Confessing His ‘Transgression’ With Her



On Sunday, pastor John Lowe II was confronted by a member of his church after he admitted to churchgoers that he’d committed “adultery” 20 years ago. Following his “confession,” the congregant came forward during service to set the record straight and alleged that she’d been victimized by Lowe when she was 16 years old.

“I committed adultery,” Lowe, 65, told the congregation during a Sunday service at the New Life Christian Church and World Outreach in Warsaw, Indiana, adding that the “sin” had weighed heavy on his mind for “far too long”, a secret that he’d kept from his wife of more than 45 years and his family, who attended Sunday’s service.

He also said his actions were “not a mistake.”

“To say it plainly: I didn’t make a mistake, I didn’t have an issue, I didn’t have an affair, I didn’t make a misjudgment – I sinned,” the pastor said in the video highlighted by The Independent. “I need to say that, and you deserve to hear it,” he added before asking for his “flock” to forgive his “deep wound”.

After his “confession, the pastor received a standing ovation from congregants. At that moment, a woman rushed up onto the lectern with her husband to provide a different account of events.

“I was just 16 when you took my virginity on your office floor. Do you remember that?” she said.

The woman, now in her 40s, was the person who the pastor had just moments before admitted to having an affair with, though she corrected his timeline by stating before the congregation.

With her husband by her side to support her, she confronted the pastor in front of the crowded pews, telling the congregation that she’d been abused by pastor Lowe throughout her late teenage years and into her early 20s, living in what she described as a “prison”.

“You did things to my teenage body that had never and should have never been done,” she said. “If you can’t admit to the truth, you have to answer to God. You are not the victim here.”

A video of the shocking confrontation, which has gone viral, was posted to social media on Sunday.

Watch the video below:


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