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Uvalde School District Police Chief Will Not Be Sworn Into City Council Seat: Report



Pete Arredondo

Uvalde CISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo, who made the decision to not enter a classroom at Robb Elementary School as defenseless children were being murdered, reportedly will not be sworn in tomorrow as a member of the City Council on Tuesday as originally planned, local CNN affiliate KSAT reports.

Arredondo was approved as chief by the school board and 2020 at the time the super said they were impressed by his experience knowledge and community involvement with they said 27 years in law enforcement at another school district.

Now, however, he is being criticized over how he handled the response to the deadly school shooting, with state officials saying that Arredondo’s decision went against established active shooter doctrine and against the facts on the ground.

On Friday, DPS Director Steven McCraw said Arredondo made the “wrong decision” to wait so long before sending officers into the locked classrooms.

Furthermore, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said Monday that he decided to cancel the meeting because the first funerals for the victims will be held that day.

“Our focus on Tuesday is on our families who lost loved ones. We begin burying our children tomorrow, the innocent victims of last week’s murders at Robb Elementary School. The special City Council meeting will not take place as scheduled,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin also acknowledged that “there is nothing in the City Charter, Election Code, or Texas Constitution that prohibits him from taking the oath of office,” and added that when the council meeting is held to swear in new city councilmembers who were elected in May, Arredondo will be allowed to take the oath of office.

Arredondo hasn’t spoken publicly since McCraw criticized his decision-making, and his house now has a police guard.