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Uncle Of Highland Park Shooter Says Dad Helping Him Buy Guns Was The Right Thing To Do



Paul Crimo

Paul Crimo, the uncle of Highland Park mass shooter Robert Crimo III, said his brother “did the right thing” when he helped his son buy guns he used to murder 7 people and injure dozens more.

“I support him 100 percent — I think he did the right thing,” Paul Crimo told CNN regarding the gunman’s dad, Robert Crimo Jr.

Despite the shooter’s confession at the time that he was a depressed drug user and was flagged as a “clear and present danger,” Robert Crimo Jr. sponsored his son’s Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card and took back the knives that police had confiscated.

“People recover quickly … maybe he recovered quickly and he was in his right mind frame at that time,” Paul Crimo, said of his nephew, adding that his brother “saw no trouble when he signed” FOID card.

However, He added that if it was him, he wouldn’t have signed the card, and said “the law’s gotta be tightened up.”

“If somebody has a life threat, if somebody’s suicidal or if somebody’s under depression … the state should see that and not give the person a FOID card,” he said.

Authorities have not ruled out criminal charges against Robert Crimo III for helping his son’s purchase of the guns despite obvious red flags, reported The New York Post.