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Ukrainian Forces Strike Target Inside Russia For The First Time Since Invasion



Ukraine war

Ukrainian forces have conducted an airstrike on Russia, destroying a fuel depot in the city of Belogord, just over 20 miles from the Russian-Ukrainian border, Reuters reported Friday.

The news agency cited local Gov. Vyacheslav Gladkov saying on Telegram that two Ukrainian helicopters flew into Russia at a low altitude and attacked a fuel depot, which is run by Russian oil firm Rosneft.

At least 19 people nearby were evacuated and eight fuel tanks were ablaze, according to the report. Videos and images of the alleged strike were posted online.

The successful strike represents the first time Ukraine attacks targets on Russian soil since the invasion began, according to Reuters.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov condemned the attack, saying: “This is not something that can be perceived as creating conditions comfortable for the continuation of negotiations,” adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been made aware of the strike.

The news comes as the Russian invasion stretches into its second month, with Russian forces remaining unsuccessful at seizing the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.