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TWIZZLED: Majority Of People Vote For Snoop Dogg To Run Twitter After Voting For Musk To Step Down



Snoop Dogg

A day after Musk was seemingly voted out of his role as Twitter CEO following a public poll, users on the social media platform have overwhelmingly chosen an unlikely candidate to replace him: rapper Snoop Dogg.

The rapper on Sunday took to Twitter to ask if he should take the CEO gig off the hands of Elon Musk.

By Monday, it was clear who the people want to lead the platform. Out of over three million votes, a staggering 81 percent of people saying Snoop should take over Twitter.

Users were quick to jump on Snoop’s offer, with many revealing they would love to see it happen.

“I will abide by my new Snoop Overlord,” one social media user said. A second added: “You should rebrand it as tWEEDter then.”

“Only if you agree to never be sober while doing so,” a third Twitter user commented.

“The most chaotic website on the internet may just be about to get a little more bonkers,” one user predicted.

On top of the general public, Guinness World Records chimed in with a bit of a dig: “Biggest yes ratio in a Twitter poll.”

Guinness was, of course, referencing Musk’s own poll in which he asked Twitter if he should step aside as CEO.