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Twitter Takes Down New Account Linked To Donald Trump



Months after being banned from Twitter, former President Donald Trump this week launched a poorly made blog in an attempt at getting his message shared on Twitter. But his sneaky attempt to circumvent his Twitter ban failed right from the start after a new Twitter account linked to his blog was swiftly taken down from the platform.

The new Twitter account, @DJTdesk, was launched on Monday with the sole purpose of posting links to Trump’s “tweets” on his new blog.

After a number of activists petitioned Twitter to do something about the account, Twitter went ahead and banned it permanently.

It’s not clear whether this account was set up by Trump and his team, or if it was merely set up independently by a Trump fan. But either way, the account was in violation of the spirit of Twitter rules, because it was only there to steer people to Trump’s “tweets” on his blog – and he’s banned from tweeting.

On Thursday, another account was created with the Twitter handle @DTdesk and people have already reported it to Twitter.