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Twitter Now a Smelly Mess After Elon Musk Fires Janitors: NYT



Elon Musk Twitter

Elon Musk, who has been on a mission since November to slice Twitter’s costs, has included janitorial and security services in the deep cuts to the company’s labor force. As a result, several of the company’s offices are now a smelly mess, The New York Times reports.

In San Francisco, Musk canceled Twitter’s cleaning services entirely—leaving employees to supply their own toilet paper in a pinch, according to The Times.

On top of the lack of toiletries, workers have been left to contend with mounting trash, smelly common areas, unsupervised visitors, and less-than-fresh restrooms, the newspaper reported.

As noted by the report, Twitter has also skipped rent payments for its Seattle office altogether, which now faces eviction over Musk’s delinquent rent payments.

Read the full report in The New York Times.


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