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Twitter Fight Erupts Between Georgia QAnon Congresswoman And GOP Election Official Over Senate Loss



A word of words broke out on Sunday between Georgia GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and state Republican election official Gabriel Sterling over the Senate loses there.

Greene, who has been associated with QAnon conspiracy theories, blamed Sterling for the Republican losses in the state’s runoff races.

“Morons like you are responsible for losing Georgia’s 2 Republican Senate seats,” Greene claimed in a tweet directed at Sterling, the chief operating officer for Georgia’s secretary of state.

“You ran a November 3rd election that was stolen because you idiots at the SOS mailed out millions of absentee ballots to anyone and everyone while Georgia was an open state. Then you counted ballots on Dominion voting machines (paid for by Georgia taxpayers) that can be hacked because they are hooked up to the internet,” Greene claimed on Twitter, promting the social media platform to slap a “disputed” label on her tweet.

Greene’s tweet was in response to Sterling’s statement that Republican voter turnout dropped in the area of Georgia that Greene represents. Sterling also referenced President Donald Trump and Republican Doug Collins, who was running for a Georgia Senate seat at the time.

“The drop off in GOP turnout from November to January was driven by Trump and most prominently in areas represented by Doug Collins and Marjorie Taylor Greene,” said Sterling in a tweet.

“These folks cost the GOP two senate seats and control of the Senate. Giving Biden and Democrats a free hand,” Sterling added.

Despite the difference in the turnout rate, Greene claimed the fault lied with the secretary of state’s office while alleging election fraud claims that have been regarded as baseless.

“It was you all who refused to listen to Georgia voters/taxpayers, didn’t change a damn thing to Georgia’s easily stolen elections, and then handed off out 2 Republican senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue to the slaughter,” the Georgia congresswoman continued.

“…for Georgia Republican voters after Nov 3rd going into Jan 5th senate runoffs, and then you have the audacity to blame me when the most conservative voters in the state flip you all the bird and tragically stay home?”

“For your information Gabriel…”

Read the tweets below:


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