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Trump’s Pentagon Nominee Retweets Call To Impose Martial Law



Scott O’Grady, President Donald Trump’s nominee for a top Pentagon job is under scrutiny over disturbing social media activity after he boosted calls for martial law this week as the president desperately tries to hold on to power.

And that’s just one piece of O’Grady’s off-the-walls social media presence that is raising eyebrows just before his nomination for assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs was sent to the Senate on Monday.

According to CNN, O’Grady also retweeted numerous false claims that Trump had in fact won a second term in office, by a landslide, and described Joe Biden’s winning the presidency as a “coup” attempt carried out in coordination with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

On Wednesday, O’Grady retweeted an article about Michael Flynn’s call for martial law in light of the election results. Then, he retweeted another message from the same account that had shared the article, CNN found.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this,” read the message that O’Grady retweeted. “But calling for martial law is not a bad idea when there is an attempted coup against the president and this country happening right now.”

Like other Pentagon officials in the wake of Trump’s purge of top Defense Department officials, O’Grady’s social media is full of conspiracy theories and outrageous claims — like the assertion that former President Barack Obama is a “sworn socialist” and that former Secretary of Defense James Mattis is a “traitor.”

The news network also reported that, following the election, O’Grady retweeted assertions about Georgia elections officials having “something to hide” and about Donald Trump winning the state of California, which in fact Joe Biden won by more than 30 points. He also shared conspiracy theories about COVID-19.