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Trump’s Inner Circle Want Him To Be Indicted: Report



As more and more evidence continues to arise from the January 6 investigation, some people in Donald Trump’s inner circle are hoping that the former president will get indicted.

The Guardian’s Hugo Lowell told MSNBC on Monday that some members of Trump’s inner circle who are willing to gamble that his being hauled into court by the DOJ would jumpstart his moribund 2024 presidential campaign

“I think it’s a really interesting question, you have to see how the cards play out,” Lowell began before adding that there is a divide among the former president’s closest remaining aides.

“If you talk to Trump advisers and the Trump legal team, they are kind of split two ways. There is one camp who look at this and say, ‘Well, if Trump is indicted, that would be bad for him personally but amazing for the campaign’ if he is indicted.”

“The Trump campaign thinks that they would steamroller the opposition in the Republican primary and he will be the nominee and that donations would come flying in,” he elaborated. “That would basically allow Trump to go on the campaign trail, campaign rallies and say, as a declared presidential candidate, they are coming after me.”

“You also get people who are like, look, if he gets indicted and this is a massive opening for Ron DeSantis,” he continued. “It is one thing to say Trump is under investigation, it is another to say my opponent in the presidential race has been indicted as [part of a criminal investigation.”

Take a look at his remarks below:


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