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Trump’s ‘Co-Conspirators’ Begin to Turn on Each Other



Trump co-conspirators
Donald Trump alleged co-conspirators John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani: (Images via Imgur)

In an effort to save themselves, co-conspirators of Donald Trump have begun turning against one another in the aftermath of JACK SMITH’S recent indictment of the former president. Although only a short span of time has passed since the indictment’s release, those implicated as “co-conspirators” are already distancing themselves from each other, and some are doing so quite overtly.

Several prominent figures who served as key aides to the former president and who were allegedly involved in the scheme to overturn the election, including conservative lawyer John Eastman, have vehemently maintained that their actions were completely legal and grounded in solid evidence. However, a subset of these individuals has recently taken steps to disassociate from the actions of their peers and shifting the blame for any potential unlawful behavior onto fellow participants in Trump’s attempted coup.

According to an attorney operating within Trump’s legal sphere, this behavior was anticipated sooner or later.

“It is the ‘please don’t put me in jail, put that other guy in jail’ strategy that was sure to come up at some point or another,” he said, according to Rolling Stones.

Legal representatives for individuals like Rudy Giuliani and Kenneth Chesebro, both of whom have been anonymously labeled as two of the six “co-conspirators” in the recent federal indictment involving Trump, are now engaging in efforts to shift accountability onto other members of the campaign’s legal team or individuals in close proximity to the then-president.

In the case of Giuliani, both himself and his lawyer are now openly criticizing and attributing responsibility for the alleged misguided actions to Sidney Powell, another attorney who participated in Trump’s post-election endeavors.

Additionally, Chesebro, who played a pivotal role in devising Trump’s scheme involving fake electors, is currently attempting to downplay his level of involvement in the plan, aiming to spread the potential blame and legal exposure to other parties.


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