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Trump Urges 1,000 West Point Grads To Return To A Coronavirus Hotspot Just To Hear Him Give Rally-Style Speech



Donald Trump continues to show he cares so much more about his reelection than actually taking care of people during this pandemic.

West Point Military Academy, America’s oldest military academy, was set to have its graduation online with Vice President Mike Pence as its speaker due to the coronavirus outbreak.

But the day before the virtual event, Trump “abruptly announced that he would, in fact, be speaking at West Point,” according to The New York Times. So now the academy is “summoning 1,000 cadets scattered across the country to return to campus in New York, the state that is the center of the outbreak” to hear Trump speak there in-person on Saturday, June 13.

Trump is sending the cadets to the state that has seen the most coronavirus infections in the country just so they can hear him speak in person.

The state has had over 287,000 confirmed cases and nearly 22,000 deaths so far.

People were not happy with Trump’s decision and they called him out on Twitter:

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