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Trump Trouncing Biden In Potential 2024 Presidential Rematch: Poll



Donald Trump vs Joe Biden

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have slipped to a new low and is now trailing former President Donald Trump in a potential 2024 rematch, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

As he begins his campaign for reelection, President Biden faces substantial and multiple challenges, the survey shows. More Americans than not doubt his mental acuity, and his support against leading Republican challengers is far shakier than at this point four years ago.

The new poll showed that Biden would lose to Trump, 49% to 42%. What’s more, 18% of the majority of American voters who believe Trump should be held criminally accountable for attempting to overturn the 2020 election said they would vote for Trump anyway.

On Sunday, ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos gave his unvarnished take on the poll predicting a Donald Trump landslide over Biden in 2024.

“This poll is just brutal for President Biden,” the news host said on “This Week.” He added he had difficulty processing some indicators of Trump’s strength in the survey.

“I’ve got to admit I have a hard time wrapping my head around that,” Stephanopoulos said. “You’ve got one in five people who say they believe President Trump should face criminal charges, but they would still vote for him.”

“It is remarkable,” ABC News political director Rick Klein replied. “And I do think once there’s a matchup with an actual person, maybe that changes, but that just tells you about how much Trump is kind of baked into the political equation.”

Watch the segment below.