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Trump Moves To Cash in On Recent Arrest By Showing Off New T-Shirt ― With 1 Glaring Flaw



Donald Trump selling T-shirts
Former president Donald Trump is selling T-shirts to help pay for his legal fees. (Screenshot)

On Thursday, Donald Trump proudly unveiled a new T-shirt, aiming to rally his supporters and generate funds for his campaign and legal battles.

In a video shared on his Truth Social platform, the ex-president proudly presented the $34 shirt, stating, “You can go out and get it, have fun with it, but people do like it, I must say.”

The T-shirt prominently displays his post-arrest mugshot, accompanied by the defiant phrase “NEVER SURRENDER!” This, despite the fact that he had, in fact, surrendered to Georgia authorities.

In his video, Trump voiced his frustration, saying, “They make me look like a criminal,” but he maintained that the mug shot had an unexpected outcome, helping him raise $10 million.

The proceeds from the shirt will be directed towards Donald J. Trump for President 2024 Inc. and Save America. The latter is the PAC he’s been utilizing to cover legal fees and various other expenses. This week, USA Today reported that the PAC was “nearly depleted” after spending approximately $150 million.

Trump enthusiastically declared in the video, “The people get it!” as he promoted the mug shirt.

“They make me look like a criminal,” Trump complained in his video, but insisted that the mug shot “totally backfired” because its allowed him to raise $10 million.

“The people get it!” he said in the video as he hawked the mug shirt.

As expected, social media users wasted no time in highlighting this apparent contradiction.


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