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Trump Top Ally: Biden Won, The Country Should Move Forward



Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman, a key member of President Donald Trump’s inner circle, who first defended the president’s challenging of the 2020 presidential election results amid unfounded claims of fraud, indicated in an interview published by Axios on Monday that he thinks President-elect Joe Biden won and “the country should move on.”

Trump has declined to concede and his campaign has mounted legal challenges in several states Biden won.

“I’m a fan of good process. In my comments three days after the election, I was trying to be a voice of reason and express why it’s in the national interest to have all Americans believe the election is being resolved correctly. But the outcome is very certain today, and the country should move on,” Schwarzman, a top Trump confidant told Axios.

The Blackstone CEO has been one of Trump’s most loyal supporters and closest confidants during his first term in office.

“I supported President Trump and the strong economic path he built,” Schwarzman said. “Like many in the business community, I am ready to help President-elect Biden and his team as they confront the significant challenges of rebuilding our post-COVID economy.”

Over the weekend, a judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a lawsuit from Trump’s campaign alleging mail-in ballots had been treated differently by local election officials than those cast in person on election day.

Several states are set to certify election results in the coming weeks. Trump’s lack of concession has sparked some fears the country might not experience a peaceful transition of power.