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Trump Threatens To ‘Adjourn Congress’ If They Don’t Come Out Of Quarantine To Approve His Appointees



Donald Trump is desperate to save his presidency and is now complaining that Democrats aren’t tending to his needs.

According to Raw Story, Trump is now complaining that Democrats need to stop quarantining and come back to Washington so the Senate could approve his appointees that he claimed are critical in the time of the coronavirus.

Yet, those same appointees have nothing to do with public health.

Trump rattled off positions “to assist with the coronavirus crisis and the associating challenges.”

“The positions include the director of national intelligence, two members the federal reserve board of governors, the assistant secretary of the treasury for financial markets, and the undersecretary of agriculture responsible for administering food security programs.”

He said he’s been hearing criticisms for years that he doesn’t fill positions, “well in some cases we don’t need positions and I’m all for that. In some places we do, but you can’t get them approved by the Democrats.”

It appears Trump is desperate to get his appointees approved before November as things could change in Congress.

Trump claimed on Wednesday that he “will use my Constitutional authority to adjourn Congress.”

As Raw Story points out, “he doesn’t have the constitutional power to adjourn Congress, however, unless the House and Senate disagree about the date for adjourning.”

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