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Trump Supporters Uncork New Conspiracy Theory After Biden Test-Drives Electric Ford Truck



Joe Biden Test Drive

MAGA fans are struggling to find anything serious they can throw at President Joe Biden, so they are now reduced to peddling bogus conspiracy theories about the popular president.

In their latest attempt to create a fake scandal, the Trump-loving website ‘The Gateway Pundit’ is now falsely claiming that President Joe Biden faked his drive of an electric SUV earlier this week.

Biden this week traveled to Michigan to pitch his new infrastructure bill, and he also got a chance to take a spin in Ford’s new electric F-150 pick-up truck as a way to promote his proposed investments in electric cars.

Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, however, took a screenshot that happened to catch the passenger’s arm placed on the dashboard at an angle that made it look like he was holding the steering wheel along with Biden.

“Following his speech, the declining septuagenarian was put in an electric vehicle where he pretended to be driving,” Hoft wrote. “This was all a show by his handlers to make Joe Biden look like he’s in charge.”

Watching a video of Biden’s drive, however, clearly shows that the passenger who was riding with the president had his arm on the dashboard, not the steering wheel.

See the video yourself below.