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Trump Supporters Take To Kenosha To Defend Killer Kyle Rittenhouse, Call Him ‘An American Hero’



Kyle Rittenhouse is a 17-year-old teen from Illinois that crossed state lines to Kenosha, Wisconsin, last week with an illegally owned AR-15 where he killed two people and injured another at a Black Lives Matter protest.

That same teen has been receiving praise and sympathy from high ranking Republicans, even Donald Trump himself defended Rittenhouse.

On Tuesday, supporters of the president took to the streets of Kenosha and demanded “justice” for the accused murderer.

According to investigative reporter Kristen Barbaresi, one man with a bullhorn shouted in defense of Rittenhouse.

“Justice for Kyle Rittenhouse!” the man could heard yelling. “He’s an American hero!”

Other Trump supporters sang “God Bless America.”

“Stand up Americans!” a woman wearing a Trump T-shirt shouted. “Before you lose it. Stand up for America now! America now! America now!”

Meanwhile, the family of Jacob Blake also held a rally at the site where he was gunned down by police.

Trump is scheduled to appear in Kenosha later today.

Take a look at the footage below:

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