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Trump Smears John McCain, Says He Doesn’t Regret His 2015 Comments: ‘Time Has Proven Me Right’



In light of recent reports that Donald Trump called killed U.S. soldiers “suckers” and “losers,” the president was asked at Friday press briefing if he regretted his 2015 attack on the late Senator John McCain. He doesn’t.

In 2015, Trump said during an interview that McCain is not a war hero because he was captured. “I don’t like people who were captured,” Trump said.

Trump was asked on Friday if he regretted those comments in light of what was reported.

In response, the president expressed no regret and even went on to smear McCain.

“I say what I say … I disagreed with him on a lot of things. Time has proven me right, to a large extent,” Trump claimed.

You can see his full remarks below:

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