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Trump Silent As Dow Plummets More Than 800 Points As Coronavirus Cases Surge



With Election Day only six days away, anxiety has taken over the market as rising coronavirus infections continue to sweep across the nation, coupled with election uncertainty over the past weeks.

On Wednesday morning, The Dow dropped more than 860 points. That’s almost 3.1%. The S&P 500 is down 3.1%, and the Nasdaq Composite is down 3.2%.

For context, if the market closed right now, it would be the index’s worst day in four and a half months — since June 11, when the Dow fell 6.9%.

The S&P and the Nasdaq are looking at their worst day since early September.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump, who often brags about the economy, remains silent as the market crumbles and the pandemic worsens on his watch.