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Trump Shares Vile Tweet Attacking Democratic Cites: ‘Let Them Rot’



President Donald Trump sparked widespread criticism on Sunday after he shared a tweet attacking “Democrat cities” and calling for them to be left to “rot.”

The tweet, originally posted by Brandon Straka, was a commentary on footage of protesters in New York City yelling at drivers. Straka, who describes himself as a Trump supporter, accused Democrats of activating a mental illness that had ruined America’s metropolises.

In 2018, Straka founded the #WalkAway Campaign, a self-described grassroots operation that encourages people to abandon the Democratic Party. Straka also achieved notoriety in June for his removal from American Airlines Flight 1263, from New York City to Dallas, after declining to wear a face mask.

Straka’s rhetoric bears similarities to a recent rant by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who argued that America’s cities have been destroyed by liberal elites who need to have their passports seized before they try to flee the country.

Numerous voices across social media blasted the president’s decision to retweet Straka, calling the move unpresidential: