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Trump Rips ‘Blood-Curling Psycho’ Mika Brzezinski And ‘Crazy’ Joe Scarborough



Donald Trump

It appears former President Donald Trump had a terrible night and woke up enraged with the co-hosts of MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, whom he proceeded to attack for no apparent reason.

“Crazy Joe Scarborough and his blood-curdling psycho wife (?), Mika, are going crazy because their ratings have absolutely TANKED,” Trump said in a bizarre statement issued on his blog. “They are wrong too often and always predictable. They were right about me in 2016, but I did better in the 2020 Election with 12 million more votes. Stay tuned!”

It’s unclear what triggered Trump’s attack on the “Morning Joe” hosts. But it’s ironic that Trump is talking about ratings as his blog is losing readers every day.

According to a Washington Post review of data from online analytics firms, interactions with posts on rump’s new blog dropped significantly since it was launched earlier this month after Trump was banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms for inciting the deadly Jattack on Capitol Hill on January 6.

The Post noted that the blog’s first day racked a total of 159,000 media interactions. The following day, interactions dropped to 30,000 and have since not surpassed 15,000 per day.