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Trump Regrets Condemning His Supporters Over Violent Riots, Says He Won’t Resign: Report



Donald Trump is ignoring bipartisan demands for his resignation after his supporters violently stormed the U.S. Capitol after he encouraged them to “fight” for him.

“At the White House, Mr. Trump struck a defiant tone, insisting that he would remain a potent force in American politics even as aides and allies abandoned him and his post-presidential prospects turned increasingly bleak. Behind closed doors, he made clear that he would not resign and expressed regret about releasing a video on Thursday committing to a peaceful transition of power and condemning the violence at the Capitol that he had egged on a day before,” The New York Times reported Friday evening.

Trump had posted a video on Thursday night appearing to condemn his supporters for their attack on U.S. soil. But it was in less than 24 hours that Trump would regret condemning his loyal followers.

According to the Times’ Maggie Haberman, “The president told some aides he regretted the video from last night where he called for unity and acknowledged a new administration coming in. He queried advisers about what they thought of it today, looking for affirmation.”