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Trump Rages at Haley For Not Dropping Out of Race, Threatens To ‘Get Even’



Donald Trump is furious as he fails to knock out Haley before South Carolina
Donald Trump is furious as he fails to knock out Haley before South Carolina. (Screenshots)

Donald Trump’s New Hampshire victory wasn’t just about winning but crushing Nikki Haley to the point where she’d abandon the Republican presidential race before the pivotal South Carolina showdown. Despite easily surpassing the former South Carolina governor on Tuesday, Trump’s meticulous strategy to force Haley out fell short, preventing him from redirecting his focus towards Democratic President Joe Biden and the looming November general election, and he’s furious.

His carefully planned assault to drive Haley out of the race and consolidate power crumbled as she defiantly pledged to continue the fight.

Furious at Haley’s determination to press on, Trump raged over her New Hampshire speech. “Who the hell was the imposter who went up on the stage before, and like, claimed a victory?” Trump asked a crowd of supporters, adding, “I don’t get too angry. I get even.”

Dismissive of Haley’s chances, Trump’s senior campaign adviser, Jason Miller, asserted, “There’s nowhere else for Nikki Haley to go. It’s time for her to get out of the race.” Ending her campaign early would be a historic feat for a non-incumbent candidate.

Haley, undeterred, argued she remains the best contender to take on Biden in the November election. With a defiant stance, she declared, “This race is far from over,” emphasizing her resilience as the last challenger standing next to Trump.

Trump’s favor among Republicans stands unwavering, propelled by the support of the religious right. But the battle between Trump and Haley is growing more intense, laying the groundwork for an extended and heated primary season.

Watch Trump’s remarks below: