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Trump Pushes Conspiracy Theory Accusing Biden Of Pedophilia



Donald Trump retweeted a video on Tuesday accusing his Democratic opponent Joe Biden of pedophilia. The video shared by Trump is of Biden embracing the wife of former Defense Secretary Ash Carter during a 2015 ceremony at the White House with the hashtag #PedoBiden.

“We can beat them at their game,” the tweet said in a caption, which has since been retweeted more than six thousand times.

Trump appears to be spreading conspiracy theories started by the pro-Trump group QAnon.

As Mother Jones reports, “The clip ostensibly aims to demonstrate improper, potentially pedophilic behavior by Biden. It doesn’t—and Stephanie Carter, an adult, has written about how the encounter has been taken out of context to denigrate Biden.”

According to Carter, Biden had been comforting her during an “uncharacteristically nervous” moment after she had fallen on ice shortly before her husband’s swearing-in ceremony.

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