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Trump Privately Berated Iowa Evangelicals As ‘So-Called Christians’ And ‘Pieces of Sh**’



Donald Trump called evangelicals 'pieces of shit'
Donald Trump reportedly called evangelicals 'pieces of shit' for supporting Sen. Ted Cruz. (Photo: Archive)

According to a forthcoming book by Atlantic staff writer Tim Alberta titled “The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism,” during the 2016 GOP primary, Donald Trump referred to Sen. Ted Cruz’s fervently evangelical supporters in Iowa as “so-called Christians” and “real pieces of shit” as he battled with the Texas senator for the party’s nomination.

The book recounts an incident at Liberty University that left Trump upset after he reportedly mispronounced a Bible book. Following advice from right-wing Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, Trump referenced “Two Corinthians”, rather than “Second Corinthians”, as would have been correct.

The laughter and ridicule that followed, compounded by Perkins endorsing Cruz shortly afterward, fueled Trump’s speculation of a conspiracy among influential evangelicals to deny him the GOP nomination, Alberta writes.

Trump allegedly expressed his frustration to a Republican official in Iowa, stating, “You know, these so-called Christians hanging around with Ted are some real pieces of shit.”

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