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Trump Posts a Staggering 31 Videos Full of Anger, Blasting Political Opponents on Truth Social



Donald Trump
Former president Donald Trump raged at his political opponents in an extended rant on Truth Social. (Photo: Archive)

Donald Trump on Wednesday went into an extended diatribe, sharing 31 videos full of anger over the course of five hours. His targets ranged from President Joe Biden and Rupert Murdoch to his own Attorney General, Bill Barr.

The former president began this sequence on Truth Social by posting a 42-second clip in which he boasted about his leadership in the Republican primary race, citing “big numbers.” He then proceeded to make make inaccurate assertions, claiming that his recent interview with Tucker Carlson had outperformed Oprah’s interview with Michael Jackson to become the most-watched in history. He also wrongly asserted that the initial Republican primary debate on Fox News was one of the lowest-rated ever, if not the lowest.

Although the interview on Carlson’s account seemed to have accumulated 263 million views, this metric merely counts the number of individuals who might have encountered the post, even those who merely scrolled past it. Last week’s debate, which Mr. Trump chose not to attend due to his strained relationship with Fox News and Mr. Murdoch, was mentioned as well.

Subsequently, the videos turned their focus towards President Biden, the Department of Justice, Democrats, Fox News, special prosecutor Jack Smith, and media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.

Trump, seemingly reading from a teleprompter, claimed that “Crooked Joe Biden” was entirely under the control of countries such as China and Ukraine. He went on to insinuate that these nations possessed comprehensive knowledge about the president, including his numerous transgressions, which Trump alleged were numerous.

“He is a corrupt person. He is a compromised president leading the country to hell,” Trump said. “Manchurian candidate!”.

He then made a series of unfounded claims asserting his victory in the Georgia election, despite facing charges, alongside 18 other individuals, for their alleged involvement in a broad unlawful scheme aimed at overturning the outcomes of the 2020 election.

“Does anybody really believe I lost Georgia, because I don’t,” he added.

Trump also contended that Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are in opposition to him due to Mr. Murdoch’s “globalist” stance, while he champions “America First.”

“And I am America First. It’s very simple, and it will always be that way, so get used to it,” he said.

He concluded his sequence with a final video aimed at “slow-thinking and lethargic” Bill Barr, alleging that Barr lacked the “energy or stamina” to counter the radical left during his tenure as the attorney general.

Mr. Barr, who served as attorney general during the Trump administration from February 2019 until December 2020, exited his role shortly after the election—partly due to Trump’s propagation of baseless assertions regarding election manipulation.