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Trump-Loving Judge Cited For ‘Disruptive’ And ‘Misogynistic’ Conduct At Hearing



Former judge Michael Gableman

A former Wisconsin judge and fervent promoter of Donald Trump’s big lie about the 2020 election, was scolded by a county judge and issued a citation for disrupting court proceedings and making “misogynistic” comments about a female attorney.

According to Law and Crime, former state supreme court justice Michael Gableman “was hired by Republican state legislators in Wisconsin to lead an investigation into the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. Gableman himself claimed the election was stolen.”

So far, the investigation has cost taxpayers roughly $900,000. Some of that has gone to court battles. Now, there is a fight over the public records that show what Gableman has been up to.

As reported by Milwaukee FOX affiliate WITI, Gableman took the stand Friday in the Dane County court of Judge Frank Remington. The former justice had not wanted to testify, but Remington ordered him to appear. And the proceeding got heated.

“This judge has abandoned his role as a neutral magistrate and is acting as advocate,” Gableman said from the witness stand. “My personal rights are at stake, too,” he added.

“Mr. Gableman!” Judge Remington interjected.

Gableman: “Yes, Judge Remington?”

Remington: “You have had a long and storied career serving the public, both, as, let me finish.”

Gableman: “Sure, if you’ll let me finish.”

Remington: “No.”

Gableman: “OK.”

Remington: “This is my courtroom.”

Gableman: “Right.”

Remington: “I do not need to tell you how I expect you to control yourself, and the behavior I expect of a witness on the stand. No question has been asked of you. You are not given an opportunity to make a speech.”

Gableman: “You have a right to conduct and control your courtroom, judge, but you don’t have the right to act as advocate for one party over another. I want a personal counsel, if you are putting jail on the table…I will not answer any more questions. I see you have a jail officer here, if you want to put me in jail, Judge Remington, I’m not going to be railroaded…Now I find out your intent is to let her do a fishing expedition.”

After being made aware he was being recorded, Gableman continued mocking the judge – as well as American Oversight attorney Christa Westerberg.

“That’s what you are saying, right, Ms. Westerberg?” Gableman said, miming Remington. “Oh yes. Why don’t you come right up to the bench, Ms. Westerberg? Why – why don’t you come back into my chambers so you can dictate what – ”

“Gableman’s conduct was an affront to the judicial process and an insult to Atty. Westerberg, by their very suggestion that she is not capable of litigating without the help of the judge,” the order says. “The sophomoric innuendo about Atty. Westerberg coming back to chambers is a sad reminder that in 2022, woman lawyers still have to do more than be excellent at their job.”

Remington goes on to accuse Gableman of violating “numerous” professional rules of conduct for Wisconsin attorneys.

“In the end, it was readily apparent that Gableman intended to use his appearance to distract from [his office’s] failure to follow the Court’s order, and perhaps to direct attention away from his office’s illegal records practices,” the order says. “The Court will ignore the personal insult. However, the Court cannot ignore Gableman’s disruptive conduct and misogynistic comments about a fellow lawyer. All lawyers are obligated to report this form of professional misconduct.”

Read Judge Remington’s full order at Law And Crime.