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Trump Lawyers Give Up In Pennsylvania After Failing To Present Evidence Of Voter Fraud



On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s campaign attorneys signed documents agreeing that they did not present the evidence showing voter fraud in a key Pennsylvania county where they were challenging thousands of ballots.

“The lawsuit — filed last week by the campaign as well as the Republican National Committee and two GOP candidates for state office — sought to have the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas invalidate more than 2,200 ‘defective ballots’ that were counted following a review by the Board of Elections,” reported Jerry Lambe of Law&Crime. “According to Biden campaign attorney Marc Elias, the campaign agreed to sign a joint stipulation of facts — an instrument meant to provide the court with facts relevant to the case that are undisputed by either party in the action — which clearly disavows any claims that voting in the commonwealth’s fourth-largest county was affected by any fraudulent conduct.”

Bucks County contains the suburbs immediately north of Philadelphia. It was a key part of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in flipping the state; Hillary Clinton only won the county by 1 point, while Biden improved that margin to 4 points.

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