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Trump Lashed Out At Brian Kemp During Phone Call, Called Him A ‘Moron’ And A ‘Nutjob’



A new report revealed on Friday that Donald Trump lashed out at Georgia’s GOP governor during a private phone call, calling him a “moron” and a “nutjob” for not helping him overturn the results of the election.

“In the politics lead today, Georgia Republicans say that they are concerned about President Trump’s planned rally tomorrow in Georgia,” CNN’s Jake Tapper reported. “They worry that it could actually discourage Republican voter turnout. Two critical Senate runoff elections will determine if Republicans or Democrats control the Senate — and the prospects for much of President-elect Biden’s agenda.”

CNN correspondent Jeremy Diamond reported the latest on the situation.

“Two sources telling my colleague Kaitlan Collins that President Trump blasted Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp as a moron and a nutjob during a recent phone call,” Diamond reported. “And it’s because of these comments that my sources tell me that Republicans are on edge ahead of the president’s visit tomorrow, concerned that more of these kinds of attacks could do more harm than good.”

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