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Trump Jr. Punches Himself In The Face As He Tries To Question Biden Votes



Donald Trump Jr. on Friday attempted to sow doubt about the record number of votes cast for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 election but ended up falling into his own trap by delivering yet another self-own.

In his latest attempt at spreading disinformation about the election that continues to hang in the balance, Trump Jr. asked on Twitter if anyone “really” believed Biden had this year “shattered” the number of votes cast for former President Barack Obama in 2008, when Biden was also on the ticket as the vice-presidential nominee.

Obama in 2008 secured 69.4 million votes to Republican candidate John McCain’s 59.9 million. As of early Saturday, Biden had reportedly won 74.8 million. Trump’s tally stood at 70.7 million, with four states still to be called and hundreds of thousands of ballots still to be counted.

Twitter users schooled the president’s son by pointing out that the population of the United States has grown in the intervening 12 years — and explained exactly how his father had likely motivated more people to go out and vote against him.

Take a look at Trump Jr’s tweet and some of the responses below: