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Trump Is Reportedly Rambling About What Airport And Aircraft Carrier To Name After Him



President Donald Trump has been asking aides and advisers what the process is for getting an airport named after him, The Daily Beast reported citing people familiar with the discussion. He also wants a Navy aircraft carrier he’d want commissioned and christened as the “USS Donald Trump” according to the report.

According to The Beast, “one of the two sources relayed that, in the past three weeks, Trump mentioned that “no president” wants an American airport that has a bad reputation or crumbling infrastructure named after them. The other knowledgeable source said that Trump had, at one point since the 2020 election, offhandedly asked what kind of “paperwork” was necessary to get an airport named after a former president.”

The report notes that while Trump’s focus on airport namings suggests that his mind has begun to wonder towards the ceremonial elements that accompany life after the presidency, it also shows that “his infatuation with having pieces of infrastructure emblazoned with his name hasn’t faded at all” with his time occupying the White House.

In the United States, there are airports named after former presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George Washington (technically, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is named after both the 40th and first U.S. president). In the case of the one bearing Reagan and Washington’s namesakes, President Clinton signed legislation adding the former’s name. Following JFK’s assassination, the then-mayor of New York City, Robert Wagner, proposed the international airport’s name be changed to honor the slain Democrat.

As part of his post-presidency options, Trump has also been floating the idea of rebooting his reality TV show “The Apprentice.” But he’s also been worrying about what kind of legal drama could be waiting for him on the other side of the presidency.

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