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Trump Impeachment Attorney Admitted That Trump Committed A Crime Just Weeks Before Being Hired By The President



Robert Ray, who served as the final Whitewater independent counsel after Ken Starr, has been hired by Donald Trump to work in his legal team during the impeachment trial.

Now, according to The Washington Post’s Paul Waldman and Greg Sargent, Ray has actually thrown Trump under the bus before the impeachment trial even started.

According to The Post, Rya said that “Contempt of Congress is illegal” just days before the House impeached Trump for essentially that, or technically, obstruction of Congress.

Ray made the comments to The Daily Signal, a right-wing website run by the conservative Heritage Foundation.

The Senate could force Hunter Biden and others to testify or face prosecution for contempt of Congress, said former independent counsel Robert Ray, who was involved in the investigation that led to Clinton’s impeachment.

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“The Senate has the power to compel witnesses. So, subpoenas would be enforceable. Contempt of Congress is illegal. I don’t know that they have the votes, as a political question,” Ray told The Daily Signal.

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