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Trump Ignites At Rally, Attacks ‘Democrat Fauci’ And Claims He Will Be ‘Set Up’ At Tonight’s Town Hall



During a rally in North Carolina on Thursday, Donald Trump lashed out at Dr. Anthony Fauci while also claiming that masks are useless. He then claimed that his upcoming town hall event is just a “set up.”

“They keep saying, nobody wears masks. Wear the masks,” Trump stated. “Then they come out with things today. Did you see it? CDC [said] that 85% of the people wearing the mask catch it, okay?”

“Then you have my friend Tony, and he’s a nice guy. Tony Fauci. He said this is not a threat, this not a problem, don’t worry about it. No, it’s a problem, it’s the craziest thing. And then he said do not wear a mask, do not wear a mask under any circumstances, don’t wear a mask — don’t, don’t, don’t. Right? So we don’t. Then they say wear a mask,” the president said.
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“Do you ever see any conflicts — but he’s a nice guy so I keep him around. He’s a Democrat, everybody knows that. He’s Cuomo’s friend. Cuomo did the worst job of any governor in the United States.”

Trump also claimed that his town hall event on NBC News was a “big setup.”

“I’m being setup tonight,” he said. “I’m doing this town hall with Concast, C-O-N — right? Con. Because it’s a conjob. Concast. C-O-N. Not C-O-M. C-O-N cast.”

You can see his rant below:

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