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Trump Hauls More Than $200 Million From Supporters Through ‘Election Fraud’ Solicitation Scheme



President Donald Trump’s campaign has raised more than $200 million since Election Day, a sum gained through a solicitation scheme billed to fight against what the president falsely claimed was widespread voter fraud that caused his humiliating defeat in the 2020 election.

An increasing number of Republicans have pushed back against Trump’s false claims. Most of the lawsuits have been dismissed outright or denied, and Trump and his legal team have not produced evidence to courts to back up their claims of widespread electoral fraud. But that is not stopping the outgoing president and his allies from soliciting money through debunked conspiracy theories.

According to The Hill, “the Trump campaign and the Republican Nationa Committee (RNC) announced the massive fundraising haul of $207.5 million Thursday evening, which they said was raised by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., the RNC, the two joint fundraising committees Trump Victory and the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, and Trump’s new Save America political action committee, turning the election loss into a money-making machine by claiming “voter fraud.”

Earlier this week, Attorney General William Barr said that the Justice Department has not found evidence of any widespread fraud that would alter the result of the election. But Trump has continued to make claims about that the election was “rigged” and stolen from him. He has also claimed falsely that he won states that Biden won.

Trump released a 46-minute taped video of him leveling such claims on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, his campaign has been fundraising off of the president’s various efforts to challenge the election results since the election was called for President-elect Joe Biden nearly one month ago.