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Trump Hands Out Autographs To City Officials, Tells Them To ‘Sell It On eBay For $10,000’



President Donald Trump’s trip to hurricane-ravaged Louisiana on Saturday capped off with a bizarre sight: him handing out his autograph to city officials and telling them to sell it on eBay for $10,000 a pop.

After holding a news conference with some FEMA officials in Lake Charles, Trump stuck around to give his autograph to city officials. He’s done it before, but this time it looks terrible for 2 reasons. First, there are people who lost everything in the storm, so joking around is not appreciated. Second, the idea that the President is signing autographs and telling recipients to sell it on eBay … well, as they say, it is what it is.

Instead of acting like a POTUS tending to a city that desperately needs help, Trump acted like he just rolled out of a limousine to an ‘Apprentice’ premiere, throwing around autographs haphazardly and bragging about their worth.