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‘COVID Is Not Real’: Trump Fans Give Stunning Reasons Why They’re Not Wearing Masks At Packed Michigan Rally



President Donald Trump’s fans are not convinced that COVID-19 is a real virus but some they rather die from it than wearing a mask.

On Thursday, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked attendees at President Donald Trump’s rally in Freeland, Michigan, why they weren’t wearing coronavirus masks, and the responses he got were jaw-dropping.

Acosta asked several attendees of Trump’s Freeland, Michigan rally why they weren’t wearing masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections, even after the revelation that Trump knew in early February that the virus was much more deadly than the seasonal flu, yet continued to “downplay” the threat.

“Why are you guys not wearing masks?” Acosta asked an attendee.

“I have one with me, it’s my prerogative,” the man answered.

“But why not wear one and stay safe?” the masked correspondent asked.

“Well I have a hard time understanding people when they talk, so that’s why I don’t wear ’em,” the man answered. Protective masks cover the mouth and nose, which are not auditory organs in humans.

“You can hear me right now?” Acosta asked, to which the man replied “I can hear you.”

“Sir, why are you not wearing a mask?” Acosta asked another man, who shot back “Because it’s no Covid. It’s a fake pandemic. Created to destroy the United States of America.”

“But the president said to Bob Woodward that there is a virus, the coronavirus, that is deadly,” Acosta said.

“That’s his opinion,” the man said, then repeated a debunked falsehood about the death toll.

“Does it wear you guys at all to be in this crowded space with all these people?” Acosta asked another potential transmission vector.

“I am not afraid,” the man said. “The good Lord takes care of me. If I die, I die! We got to get this country moving. We can’t, what are you going to do wear masks and stay inside for another year? Huh? Where will that get us?”

Mask compliance was so poor at Trump’s rally that his campaign tracked down and ejected New York Times reporter Kathy Gray for tweeting photos of the potential super-spreaders.

Watch the clip below:


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