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Trump Fan Hurls Wild Racist Rant At Bystander, Brags About Murdering Her Husband In June



Footage has emerged online showing a supporter of President Donald Trump descending into a bizarre racist rant, yelling the N-word while accusing Democrats of supporting “pedophilia and communism” and bragging about killing her husband.

The video, reportedly filmed in Sonora, California, shows the woman carrying a “Trump-Pence 2020” sign while yelling at onlookers. When she approaches one man who is standing at the street corner, he asks her to maintain social distancing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep away from your n*gger ass!” she yells at him before turning her ire on the Democratic Party.

“You want pedophilia and communism?!” she asked rhetorically. “Vote Democrat!”

The Trump supporter then hurls the N-word at the woman who’s recording her and accuses her of being in favor of pedophilia because she’s holding a sign that says, “Peace and Love.”

“You’re for pedophilia!” she screams. “You’re for pedophilia!”

Later in the video, the woman brags about having killed her own husband.

“I believe it,” replies the woman recording her.

Watch the video below.