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Trump Demands Georgia Election To Be ‘Called Off’, Tells Gov. Kemp To ‘Do Something!’



President Donald Trump on Tuesday launched a frantic tweet calling on Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to “do something” and overturn the results of the election. The exasperated president also demanded the election to be “called off.”

“Do something @BrianKempGA,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “You allowed your state to be scammed. We must check signatures and count signed envelopes against ballots. Then call off election. It won’t be needed. We will all WIN!” he added.

It’s unclear if Trump was referring to the January Georgia Senate runoffs to be called off or he was asking the governor to void the presidential election he lost to Biden.

Either way, signature matching of mail-in ballots was in fact already done, the election has been certified for President-elect Joe Biden, and the governor does not have any authority to override the secretary of state or “call off” elections.