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Sean Hannity Rages Against The ‘Depraved Media Mob’ For Fact-Checking Trump’s Lies About The Election



Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday slammed the U.S. news media as “depraved” and “phony” for contradicting President Donald Trump’s conspiracies theories about the 2020 election.

The same “depraved media mob” who refused to accept the results of the 2016 election are attacking President Trump and his supporters for questioning irregularities and investigating voter fraud allegations, Sean Hannity said Monday night.

“We, frankly, don’t need lectures about truth, about integrity, from what is a depraved group of Democratic donors, the media mob, and Democrats that never accepted the results of 2016 election,” the “Hannity” host said.

The right-wing host told viewers that President-elect Joe Biden was “shielded” by the mainstream media, who “enabled him to hide from the coronavirus in his basement for most of the campaign.” By contrast, Hannity went on, the same group were “Biden’s attack dogs” and did the bludgeoning of Trump for Biden.

“The sanctimonious, high-minded, phony concern all of a sudden about American democracy — I don’t care what they think,” Hannity said. “They lied to you and us for four years on the most spectacular level. They dragged this country through hell with Russian lies, conspiracy theories, and a hoax they pushed for years. It was all a lie.”

“All of you in the media mob [saying] ‘Oh, this is a threat to democracy, asking questions about election irregularities,’ save us your phony, B.S. lectures,” the host emphasized.

“They are meaningless to the rest of us. You dragged this country through hell. You did it again with your phony Ukrainian impeachment witch hunt, and you totally ignored, and protected, the real quid pro quo.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News: