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Trump Declares Himself The 47th President While Playing Golf



Donald Trump

In a new video posted online, former President Donald Trump declared himself the 47th president while playing a round of golf.

In the now-viral clip, posted online and reported on by far-right Breitbart News and Russian state-owned media Sputnik, Trump is seen teeing off at one of his clubs. A partner introduces him on the tee as the “45th president of the United States.”

“Forty-fifth and 47th,” Trump replied, drawing cheers from people off-camera before hitting his drive.

Trump’s comment is the strongest indication yet that he’s really driving toward a presidential bid in 2024. He dominates the Republican Party and leads polls of potential 2024 GOP contenders, despite the Capitol insurrection fueled by his continuing lies that the 2020 election was stolen from him, plus ongoing investigations of him and his family. But he’s trailing behind President Joe Biden in a hypothetical election matchup.

The Huffington Post noted that “if Trump on a golf course seems familiar, maybe it’s because he played at least 289 times while president. Many of his outings were to his own resorts, which allowed him to profit from his leisure. He left taxpayers footing the bill for more than $151.5 million in travel and security costs for his hobby.