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Trump Claims More Indictments Than Al Capone in Reno Rally Wild Rant



Donald Trump compares himself to Al Capone
Former President Donald Trump. (Archive)

In a fiery rally in Reno, Nevada, former President Donald Trump drew a parallel between his legal woes and the legendary Al Capone, claiming he has faced more indictments than the notorious mobster.

Trump, invoking Capone’s nickname “Scarface,” emphasized the reputed scar on Capone’s face and asserted that, despite Capone’s criminal history, he has been indicted four times—more, according to Trump, than the iconic mob figure. The former president expressed his frustration, decrying the legal actions against him as “bullshit.”

“Did anybody ever hear of the great Alphonse Capone, Al Capone? Great, great head of the mafia,” Trump said. “I heard he was indicted once—a couple of people told me a few times more—but I was indicted four times.”

“If he had dinner with you and he didn’t like the way you smiled at him at dinner he would kill you, you’d be dead by the time you walked out of the nice restaurant.” Trump went on. “He got indicted once—I got indicted four times over bullshit, I gotta tell you. Bullshit,” he added as the crowd cheered.