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Trump Calls MAGA Rioters ‘Well Behaved’ In Latest Tirade Against Jan 6 Hearings



Donald Trump

Former president Donald Trump continues to push an alternative reality, now calling crowd that stormed the U.S. Capitol on 6 January “well behaved” and claiming once again that he won the 2020 presidential election “hand down.”

Trump’s comments came during an appearance on the right-wing Newsmax channel on Monday night, where he defended his supporters’ actions, despite more than 140 police officers being injured in the line of duty in the riot that followed his “Stop the Steal” rally.

“Most importantly they don’t want to talk about the election results, because if they do we win hands down, we have all the information, they refuse to talk about it and that’s why people went there on January 6th,” Trump said.

“And, I’m talking about the people that went there to also listen to speeches. It was the largest group that, I think, I have ever seen or made a speech to. I have never seen anything like it and they were well behaved. So many people and nobody ever talks about that.”

So far, more than 865 “well-behaved” MAGA rioters have so far been arrested and charged in connection with the pro-Trump attack on the Capitol.

The January 6 House select committee’s fourth hearing will take place at 1pm today. The Jan 6 panel will show how Trump knew his attempts to pressure elected officials in Georgia and Arizona into helping him reverse his 2020 election losses in those states could lead to violence, according to select committee aides.

The hearing will feature a string of officials who the former president tried to bend to his will, even after he was warned that his preferred course of action was illegal.