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Trump Buried In Scorn For Bringing Up ‘Death Penalty’ When Asked What He Wants To Accomplish With Clinton Lawsuit



Donald Trump

During an interview with Newsmax, Donald Trump falsely accused Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden of spying on his campaign and brought up “treason” charges, “life in prison” and the “death penalty” after being asked about his goal by suing Clinton.

“Let’s talk about this lawsuit against Hillary Clinton,” Newsmax’s John Bachman told Trump. “What do you hope to accomplish with that?

“Well, they spied on my campaign you had all of them,” Trump replied. “They’re all the names you’ve been reading about. For years, Bill Barr didn’t want to be impeached. And so, therefore, he decided not to do it, which was a shame because frankly, you know, you need courage to fight these people, the deep state or whatever you want to call it. ” Trump added.

“But I think we’re going to do very well with it,” he said of the lawsuit before seemingly suggesting what punishment he wants for Clinton.

“We have a great lawsuit and I felt it was really very important to bring it because think of it if I spied on that campaign, can you imagine what would happen John if I spied on their campaign or Obama or Biden and Hillary Clinton? And the same thing happened where we caught him because we caught him red-handed, if that ever happened? What are they talking about? Treason? Are they talking about the rest of your life in jail? Are they talking about death penalty? And these people can’t be allowed to get away with this stuff. Trump concluded.

Naturally, the internet had to respond.

Watch the video and some of the reactions below: