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Trump Brags About Having The Most Coronavirus Deaths In The World: ‘We’re The Leader, Which Is The Most Impressive Thing’



Leave it to Donald Trump to brag about being the number country because of coronavirus deaths.

Trump on Thursday, sat in the Oval Office bragging that the United States is the “leader of the world” in COVID-19 deaths, “in a positive way.”

Trump claims that the United States is number one in total number of deaths compared to total coronavirus cases.

But the important measurement for comparison is per capita deaths. The U.S. ranks 16th – meaning there are nearly 200 countries that have fewer deaths per person, nearly 200 countries that are doing better than the U.S.

But in Trump’s eyes, he has done a better job than other world leaders – which is not true by far.

“And you know, we’re the leader – in this case, the leader of the world. And we’ve done better – if you look at our deaths, if you look at mortality rates, if you look at the things – we’re, in fact, I’m going to get a chart, because it’s maybe the most impressive thing, right? How we’ve done,” Trump declared.

“We’re right at the top – meaning top in a positive way – of those charts,” Trump said, which is false.

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below:

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