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Trump Already Considering Firing His New Attorney General If He Doesn’t Agree With Probe Into Hunter Biden



President Donald Trump is already discussing firing his new Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who is set to replace Bill Barr next week, if he does not comply with his demands and appoint a special counsel to probe Hunter Biden’s tax affairs and the president’s groundless election fraud claims, the Associated Press reports.

Trump administration and Republican sources close to the White House told the news agency that the president has already talked through the move with Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and attorney Pat Cipollone, according to the report.

Rosen, who served as Barr’s deputy at the justice department since 2019, is supposed to replace his boss, who announced his resignation Monday.

Barr was previously considered one of Trump’s staunchest loyalists. Still, their relationship soured when the Wall St Journal revealed last week that Barr was aware that Hunter Biden was under investigation for potential tax fraud crimes by authorities in Delaware for months.

The president was reportedly furious that Barr had not gone public with the information during the presidential election. One of Trump’s main lines of attack against his rival was Hunter Biden’s employment by Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, which he alleged was evidence of Biden family corruption.

No evidence has emerged to substantiate the allegations against Hunter Biden. However, as part of the US attorney’s investigations into his tax affairs, he has been subpoenaed for information about his work with Burisma.

The White House and the Justice Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the report.